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I sleep in, come to Abby's and find two cowboys

After getting almost no sleep the night before, I slept pretty good last night. I woke up at 7:45 and thought, " Oh good! I can be at Abby's right when she opens at eight." But I could hardly move. I knew the house was cold but my covers were warm. Jimmy was curled up underneath the top cover atop the side of my chest, Chicago was tucked in alongside my head. I felt snug and comfy. I closed my eyes again, dozed off and pretty much kept them closed until 9:45. Then I came straight over here to Abby's, walked through the door and found two cowboys at the bar. John and Tim. I ordered an omelette and it was damn good.

Now I await my toast, which is dessert to me. I will eat it, slowly sip my coffee, and then, given the fact that I have a tremendous amount to do between now and when I leave for Barrow Monday afternoon, I will get at it. 


Text added at 11:57 AM. The Squarespace nightmare continues - day 47 and counting.


A horse kick to the head

Tim Mahoney joined me at Abby's, right after I had finished my omelette and was polishing off my coffee and toast. Tim always has good stories to tell and he never repeats himself, the way many storytellers do. Today, he told me about how he was once shoeing a horse for a sister, when the horse suddenly kicked him in the head. The world went strange, his vision narrowed down to a tight tunnel. He staggered about, peering out at the world through this narrow tunnel until gradually his field of view widened. He reprimanded the horse, then went about his business and put in a full days work.

When he awoke the next morning his arm was bent and twisted in a funny way and was twitching. He yielded and went to the doctor. There, he learned that the horse had broken his neck – C6. The doctor told him he was lucky to be alive, let alone walking.

Note: As I wanted to post this picture and this very short version of a much longer story, I decided to postpone until later, probably tonight, the account of why the Squarespace App is forcing me to suspend the method of on-the-fly blogging I have been doing. Again, the app failed to post this picture and posted text with no picture. Again, I had to email the picture to myself and upload it to this blog from my computer in the old-fashioned way.


Things seen while sipping coffee from Metro Cafe and the question raised - the answer came at Abby's

Yesterday afternoon, as I drove up Shrock Road sipping a cup of coffee from Metro Cafe, I saw a

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Tim caught me drinking from his cowboy cup

Both Tim and Wesley eyeballed me and Tim's cowboy cup pretty good. They were really

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Breakfast with ruffians - he wore red cowboy boots










I haven't posted a long picture story for a long time. I will do so now. I begin with the

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