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Tears fell but we had to go anyway

Shortly after I entered the house, Lavina pulled up with the two older boys. They got out of her car and ran straight to our car. They wanted to come home to grandma and grandpa's house. But they have school tomorrow. They have to stay. This caused Jobe to fall into his mother's arms and weep. "I want to go to grandmas house!"

It was kind of hard, but Margie and I had to go out the door and leave them. We have now reached Taco Bell in Eagle River. I am starving. Haven't eaten since breakfast. 


Text added at 8:00 PM. The Squarespace nightmare continues.


Lynxton bounces energetically about in front of his mom, who could use a charge of that energy; so could I

I thought I would be picking up Margie, Kalib and Jobe and taking them back to Wasilla with me. As it turns out, I'm not taking Jobe but Lynxton. And here is Lynx bouncing about in front of his mom.*

*I wrote these words over an hour ago in Anchorage, when I made the Instagram. For reasons well-known to recent readers, I did not even bother to try to post until just now, after I had reached home. So... Kalib and Lynx will spend the night with us. Tomorrow, Jacob will take Jobe to day care and Lavina will go to Kodiak for work.

In the evening, Jacob and Jobe will join us for the night and, if I understand correctly, Lavina's brother will be at their house to care for Muzzy the dog and Marty the cat. Lavina will come out Saturday and then they will all go home.

In the meantime, we will probably have a bunch of fun around here.

I doubt I will blog much of it. It is just too hard to do so right now.

But I will blog some of it!

And it will be fun!

A train might appear in it.

Maybe even a plane.


Mother and son - the image I forgot to post yesterday

I shot this yesterday evening and made an Instagram of it, then, somehow, completely forgot to post it - maybe because I got preoccupied with moose, toy planes and trains. There is still little electricity in my brain and I am almost absent of energy. So, rather than looking for something new to photograph, I now post this image I forgot to post yesterday: Daughter-in-law and Grandson, Mother and Son; Lavina and Lynxton.


Reluctant departure, part five – final: they depart

I heard his mother speak the words, "lemonade," and "circle store," and then Kalib voluntarily went out the door and to the car. Jobe then emerged from some dark corner of the kitchen and followed. That's Jobe, in front of the headlight. If you look closely to his right you will see his patient mother in the shadows.


A kiss from a distance… 

Lavina contacted Lynx via Skype tonight. Her Internet connection in McGrath was very weak and we could not hear a word she said. Her image came across as still photographs, about one per second, all transmitted in silence."Hi! Hi!" Lynx greeted her image repeatedly, alternating with "Oh-oh! Oh-oh!" He understood her smooches perfectly and returned them.

Later, Lavina told me by email she could not only see, but hear every word Lynx said to her. I'm sure glad Lynx didn't utter any cuss words. His mother would have thought hIs grandpa was being a bad influence on him.