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Touch those cat ears gently, Lynxton!

I returned from coffee ready to take a quick shower and then drive Margie and Lynx into town. The plan was to drop Lynx off at his house and then I would take Margie to see 12 Years a Slave and afterword drop her back off so she could babysit for the rest of the week. But that plan changed while I was gone. I now learned we are going to keep Lynx one more night. I sat down for a few minutes. Jimmy came over and sat on my lap. Then Lynx came to touch Jimmy's ears.

"Be gentle to the kitty," I said to Lynx. He can get exuberant. Jimmy's ears are not laid back in the way an angry, hissing cat will lay back its ears. He is holding them this way in anticipation of the coming touch, which he is not sure will be gentle or exuberant. Lynx was gentle with this touch and several more that followed. 


Jobe showed up a little bit ago to pick up his little brother

Jobe showed up a little bit ago to pick up his little brother and take him home. Kalib was going to come, but he wasn't feeling so good. Jobe brought his dad along to do the driving. They were going to take Margie back with them, but she wants to spend one more night at home. I made chocolate ice cream cones for everybody.


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A fish persuades Lynx to disobey his grandmother

I brought Margie into my office to look at a picture I had taken on Cross Island. Lynx came with her. After she admired the picture, Margie gave Lynx an order: "Come on Lynx, let's go out now."

"Goodbye!" Lynx said to her. And so he stayed for awhile, to hang out with Parrot Fish and me.


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"Hiiii!" "Hi!" "Hiiii!"  "Hi!"

Hiiii!" Lynxton says. "Hi!" Grandma says. "Hiiii!" Lynxton says. "Hi!" Grandma says. "Hiiii!" Lynxton says. "Hi!" Grandma says."Hiiii!" Lynxton says. "Hi!" Grandma says...


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Lynx grabs the reindeer by the antler

Right now the rain is falling and the wind is blowing. But yesterday, when we went to the reindeer farm it was sunny and nice if a bit breezy. As we entered the reindeer pen, a bull stepped alongside the walk ramp. Lynx reached out and grabbed an antler. Lynx is fearless.


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