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He does not want to, but Kalib must go

Kalib did not want to leave. He shed tears. "No!" he protested. As one grows, he must learn that not only does one not always get to do what he wants, but sometimes he must do things he does not want to do. Like go to school. So, leaving his little brothers behind, Kalib followed his dad to the car as the family dog followed him. 


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Boys step out onto porch to see… Rain!

We slept late. The boys wanted to come to Abby's, so I opened the door and they stepped out to see… Rain! On snow… means ice on road… the slipperiest kind of ice…


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A woman and a boy wave back at me from 38 years ago

Margie and Jacob, waving back at me through my lens from 38 years ago. I remember how enchanted I was with the light on that overcast, sometimes rainy, November day. Enchanted too with the beautiful woman and the boy we had made together. And with that I will close out this day and go to bed alone – although I expect a cat or two to pile on before too long. 


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Reluctant departure, part two: first persuasion does not work

This did not work. Their dad turned on the light and came in. "We've got to go home to the blue house boys," he said. Jobe ran off and disappeared. Kalib sat down on the floor and held his ground. No," he insisted "I want to stay at grandma and grandpas!" His dad put his hand on his shoulder and tried to convince him. Soon, Kalib decided he was tired. "I need to get some rest," he insisted.


Kalib's parents snatch him away from the lawn mower so he can learn how to go to Kindergarten

The boys' mom and dad showed up tonight to pick up Kalib and take him back to Anchorage with them. They are leaving Lynxston with us, because he is still too much for his mom to handle. She is much improved since I last saw her, but still she is very sore and on medication and Lynx is a rowdy guy. Kalib did not want to go. He wanted to stay here. He loves it here - I think in part because of our big, wild, yard which tonight he got to mow a bit of, but maybe he likes his grandma and grandpa, too. He had to go home, though, because tomorrow he starts a "Kindergarten Readiness" program.

He will learn how not to take a nap (I don't think that will be much of a challenge for Kalib. If he took any naps during this longer-than average stay with us, I was not aware of them), how to use a back pack and how to ride a school bus.

That ought to be pretty damned exciting.

They bought pizza for us all and I took a little break to help eat it. They just left. I need to get back to work. I don't want to, but if I work until midnight I can get in two more hours and 20 minutes - if I go until 1:00, three more hours and 20 minutes.

I feel lazy, though. I don't want to do anything, but visit Margie, Lynxton and Jim. But I've got to get this done, so back to work I go. Well, maybe I'll be lazy for a few minutes, anyway, go back into the house and say "hi" to Margie and Lynx. Jimmy can stay here to watch things. Or, he can follow me into the house, if he chooses.