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Logbook: Wasilla to Barrow, entry 2: I was not last to board

As noted in the previous entry, I arrived at Ted Stevens International Airport a little behind schedule, thanks to the icy highway. I was not the last to board but pretty close to it. I would still have had plenty of time to complete this Instagram and transfer both it and the previous one to my blog, plus take a new picture of happenings in the plane as we awaited departure and to post it as well, but of course there were many familiar faces onboard. I got involved in visiting and now we are in the sky. I will not be able to post this until sometime after we arrive in Barrow. I thought I would wait for my afternoon coffee until I got on the plane. The Stewardess just informed me there is no hot water, hence no coffee.


Text added at 8:46. The Squarespace nightmare continues - day 51 and counting.


Lynx watches as his Brothers go off to school and day care

Lynx watches from the window as his brothers go off to daycare and kindergarten. I expect to do no further reporting on the activities of my grandsons before Thursday night at the earliest.

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Jobe and Kalib know how to put down an electronic device and look at a TV screen

I am back home in Wasilla now, alone with the cats until Thursday evening when Margie will return. On the drive to Anchorage, there was a news feature about the challenge for today's marketers to get 20-something year olds to put down their electronic devices long enough to look at the TV screen for a while. This is not yet a problem for Jobe and Kalib. They know how to look at a TV screen.

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Lynxton bounces energetically about in front of his mom, who could use a charge of that energy; so could I

I thought I would be picking up Margie, Kalib and Jobe and taking them back to Wasilla with me. As it turns out, I'm not taking Jobe but Lynxton. And here is Lynx bouncing about in front of his mom.*

*I wrote these words over an hour ago in Anchorage, when I made the Instagram. For reasons well-known to recent readers, I did not even bother to try to post until just now, after I had reached home. So... Kalib and Lynx will spend the night with us. Tomorrow, Jacob will take Jobe to day care and Lavina will go to Kodiak for work.

In the evening, Jacob and Jobe will join us for the night and, if I understand correctly, Lavina's brother will be at their house to care for Muzzy the dog and Marty the cat. Lavina will come out Saturday and then they will all go home.

In the meantime, we will probably have a bunch of fun around here.

I doubt I will blog much of it. It is just too hard to do so right now.

But I will blog some of it!

And it will be fun!

A train might appear in it.

Maybe even a plane.


Lynxton controls the light

I am at the blue house in Anchorage, having just brought Margie in to babysit. I found Lynxton playing with the light switch. I shot four or five frames. In about half, his face is dark, in the other half, light. He looks not at the switch but at the light he has learned how to control. Now I will drive back to Wasilla.