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On the day that Nelson Mandela died I drove to Anchorage on icy roads through freezing rain to bring home my beloved

Note: I originally prepared this as the first post in new Squarespace 6 blog I had planned to launch at this same address, to include all the work I have done in this Squarespace 5 blog. But things went wrong. I have asked Squarespace to refund the money I spent on the new blog and am bringing my Squarespace blogging to a permanent end, save for the upcoming holiday post referenced above. I do not want this post to go to waste and so have transferred it from the new Squarespace 6 blog that now never will be to being an archive, at this same address. While much of what it says no longer applies, I leave it just as I prepared it for the new, canceled, blog"

This is the first post I am putting up in the new Squarespace 6 blog. At least, I hope I am putting it up. As regular readers know, I have been running a

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Logbook: Nuiqsut to Wasilla, entry 3: picked up by wife

I didn't take pictures on the flight down because my battery was nearly dead. Three percent. We landed in Anchorage half-an-hour early, so I gave Margie a call to let her know. Now I had one percent charge. I have yet to buy a car charger for my iPhone 5s. I did not think the one percent would hold to Wasilla, but I took no pictures in Anchorage or anyplace in between but hoped somehow the charge would last until we reached Wasilla. I feared that it would take more battery power to turn the camera off and then back on, so I left it on. In Wasilla, I had to stop at a red light so I pulled out my iPhone and it still read 1 percent. I snapped this single frame. There was one more picture I had to get to make the logbook compete. Would the charge hold? 


Jobe with his friend, Dusty the cropduster

Jobe with his friend, Dusty the cropduster. Lynxton is still asleep. He was very hyper last night and was bouncing around on the bed until after 1 AM.


Text added at 12:58 PM (Lynxton has long since been up and running about). The Squarespace nightmare continues - day 51 and counting.


An early evening nap?

I am so tired that even though it is late in the day I am on the recliner trying to take a nap. Margie is watching the news. Jobe is playing with Dusty, the crop duster from the movie "Planes." Kalib is out of sight, but somewhere in the house - having a good time, I'm sure. Jacob was going to come out and pick them up and drop Lynxton off in their place, but icy roads kept them in Anchorage.


Text added at 7:36 PM. The Squarespace nightmare continues - day 49 and counting.


Hot chocolate awaits them

When the boys came in after their first adventure in the snow this season, Grandma had hot chocolate waiting for them. 


Text added at 4:03 PM. The Squarespace nightmare continues - day 49 and counting.