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Study of the young writer, number 8423

It once was that images of the talented and beautiful young writer, Shoshana, would grace the pages of my blog in regular studies that often appeared twice, thrice or even more times a week, if I were here and not out traveling. But Shoshana has not been seen in this blog for a while – until today. Two days ago, I pulled up to the drive-through window and, as I had become sadly accustomed to, she was not there. Of course I was happy to see Evalina, who happily announced that I had a free coffee waiting for me – a gift from Shoshana.

She has been working the morning shifts only for a while. I wanted to say thank you in person, so this morning I drove up to the window and there she was, a little chilly in the shaft of 12° air slipping through the window but pleasant and happy.

It was time for another study, hence: Study of the Young Writer, Shoshana, Number 10,089: After An Extended Period of Time.


Text added at 10:27 AM. The Squarespace nightmare continues - day 48 and counting.


Shoshana has changed her wedding date and venue

Breakfast at Metro Cafe. Shoshana has changed her wedding date from next July to May and the place from Wasilla to South Carolina to make it easier for family members to attend. So it doesn't look like I will be her photographer after all. 



Carmen on the other side of the drive-through window, then back inside

This morning, I stepped inside Metro Cafe and there was Carmen, on the outside, at the

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Winter takes a last gasp as spring colors prepare to come in

Two girls and fire log, two houses down, as I drive from our house towards

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First day of spring - joggers in the cold, young writer with cash

It was the first day of spring and when I got up this morning and went out

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