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Catching up: Carmen at Metro Cafe

This afternoon at 3:30 PM I pulled up to the window of Metro Cafe for the first time in over three weeks. Carmen was all bundled up. I wondered if it was to protect her from the cold air flowing through the window – the temperature having been below zero out here ever since I arrived home – or because she was leaving to pick up Branson.

She was leaving to pick up Branson.


Saint Branson

I believe I have mentioned in the past that Branson attends Catholic school. If I didn't, well he does. And as it happened, at some school function he was awarded the role of a certain saint. Carmen could not remember which saint.

To me, the answer was easy: Saint Branson! 

Well, look - it says right there in Carmen's picture - St. Ferdinand.


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Metro Cafe, study #29812: Carmen wore her best Halloween stockings to work today



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The remaining 50% of my social activity for this day

This morning, I posted a pic from Abby's Home Cooking and speculated that my human interaction there would constitute 50% of my social activities for the entire day. I postulated the other 50 percent would take place at the drive-through window of Metro Cafe. That is exactly how it worked out – but it turned into a much bigger deal than I had anticipated. Kristina greeted me at the Metro window and then Carmen with her Aunt Felis, sister to her mother and her Uncle Paco. I had never met them before. I would relate their life history to you, but I had to move along so the next customer could pull up to the window. Hence, I did not get a chance to learn their history.


Advised to the contrary, Carmen intends to stay at Metro Cafe

When I reached Metro Cafe, I found enough inspiration to take another picture. Carmen. She was my inspiration. She is telling me how a financial adviser advised her to leave Metro Cafe behind now that Scot is buried, and just go be a hockey mom. But no, she plans to do no such thing. "Metro is my life," she told me. It is where she feels comfortable. It is where her friends stop in to buy coffee and visit and chat. It is the place Scot built for her. Were she to leave, Wasilla would be a diminished community.