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My travels were followed and "like"d

Just before I drove away, Evalina stepped to the window of Metro Cafe to say hello and welcome back. She had followed my travels online and had made a few "likes" @evilgergilevich and commented too. I thanked her and then quickly snapped this picture before her expression could change, but I could not get it in sharp focus.


One more before we leave Daylight Savings Time behind

This is from a little before 4:00 PM, when I pulled up to the drivethrough window of Metro Cafe. Evalina, who is not only learning to fly but is also taking stunt plane lessons and pulling high G's, took our order and then her sister Gwen popped up. Gwen is now working at Metro Cafe. Along with Kristina, that makes three sister baristas.


Text added at 1:21 AM. The Squarespace nightmare continues - day 43 and counting. If anyone who visits this website before I see it again in the morning should find this same picture posted again, either above or below this one, but with a slightly different title and no text, this is just another part of the Squarespace nightmare. I do not wish to take the time or energy to explain.


Five minutes ago, Evalina prepared my coffee

Evalina prepares my Americano - five minutes ago. Now I am drinking it. It is good – no, it is super. Metro coffee is always good, sometimes even gooder than normal. Today is such a day. 


Text added at 4:48 PM. The Squarespace nightmare continues.


Thwarted by Congress: she serves my coffee but doesn't take her test

Here I am on my late afternoon coffee break, being served by Evalina who has been working at getting her private pilot's license. After much study, preparation and practice she found herself ready to take her written exam, so feeling all excited she went off to take it. When she arrived, she found the FAA closed down as part of the government shutdown. The House of Representatives had prevented her from taking her test.


Lynx goes for doors and throws rocks into the Little Su

Having started this little Instagram experiment with a photo of my grandson, Lynx, and considering

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