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My travels were followed and "like"d

Just before I drove away, Evalina stepped to the window of Metro Cafe to say hello and welcome back. She had followed my travels online and had made a few "likes" @evilgergilevich and commented too. I thanked her and then quickly snapped this picture before her expression could change, but I could not get it in sharp focus.


Catching up: Carmen at Metro Cafe

This afternoon at 3:30 PM I pulled up to the window of Metro Cafe for the first time in over three weeks. Carmen was all bundled up. I wondered if it was to protect her from the cold air flowing through the window – the temperature having been below zero out here ever since I arrived home – or because she was leaving to pick up Branson.

She was leaving to pick up Branson.


I go to Abby's, but arrive too late for the meeting

It is 10:12 AM, and I am back at Abby's Home Cooking. Abby is not here. Monday is her day off. I successfully slept in today – didn't wake up till 9:15. Or didn't get up till 9:15, I should say. I did wake up a few times. Always do. But it was a pretty good sleep. I needed it. Could use a little more. When I walked in the door here at Abby's, there were two cowboys sitting at the counter, Tim and John, along with Bud, the mechanic, woodcutter and jack of all trades. John told me I was way too late, the meeting was over and then they all stood up and left. Tim left his cup on the counter. 


Text added at 12:01 PM. Hopefully, this will be the last day I will have to wait to add text until sometime after I post my picture. Hopefully, the Squarespace nightmare will truly come to an end tomorrow. I will explain later.


A relaxing evening watching TV and munching on popcorn with Margie and Lynx

Margie always likes to watch The Good Wife, so tonight I decided to watch it too, just to spend some pleasant time with her and Lynx. I thought a bowl of popcorn would make the experience all the more relaxing, so I microwaved one and then sat down to share it with Margie and Lynx as we watched The Good Wife. I anticipated that, as in the past, Lynx would show up at the edge of the bowl, I'd give him a popped kernel or two, he'd take off happily and then come back in a few minutes for a second serving.


Now he wanted to dig into the bowl with grandma and grampa. Lynx was eager to get his hands on every kernel. Even as he chomped on those he had jammed into his mouth, his hands shot into all sectors of the bowl as mine tried to block them. So I got a smaller bowl, filled it with popcorn and gave it to Lynx all for himself.

That's the bowl in his right hand and that's the popcorn all up and down his front. Grandma cleaned it off the couch, so Lynx went for the big bowl and then spread it across the couch. 


Chicago joins two vegetables by the fire

I'm still feeling lazy, still vegging by the fire with Jim, but Chicago has joined us so I had better put it in a picture that includes her. You haven't seen her yet since my return, because she usually waits until the initial flurry of greetings is over before she comes out and by then my battery was dead. Whenever there are little people in the house she just disappears. Lynxton is still here, but he's asleep. Margie is grocery shopping. So it's just us three - Jim curled up on my ankles, Chicago snug on my chest – vegging together by the fire. If Lynxton should wake up before Margie returns, then Chicago will disappear, I will have to get up to care for him and Jim's comfy rest will get disturbed. 


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