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There will still be talking horses, Metro studies, blowing snow, school buses and here is Kalib, playing with a train

Just to clarify, in case anyone else got this idea from my "flaming strategic retreat" post last light, Mrs. Gunka left this comment today:

"Oh dear, no studies from the drive up window at Metro, breakfast at Abby's, school buses, the talking horses, boys in the window and trains on the floor. Margie with her babies, birthday cakes and candles, moose in the meadow and dogs on the road, snow blowing across the road, ravens and planes in the sky, It would be losing my family in the far north. Whale stories! Trips to AZ! Morning coffee without the boys. Mr Shadow! Oh, dear!"

Be assurred, Mrs. Gunka, there will be still be Metro drive-through studies, breakfast at Abby's, school buses, talking horses, etc., and of course little boys playing with trains for as long as there are little boys in this family who play with trains.

There will be less of it, though. Like today, Jacob and Lavina brought Lynx out to spend the night so that I would not have to drive Margie into town in the morning but can wait until night when I must drive in to catch my plane to Utah.

Certainly, I could have turned this visit into a 10 or 12 picture post, but instead it is a one picture post. Sooner or later, an event will seem important enough or I will feel so far caught up and ahead of the game that I will still still turn such a visit into a 10 or 12 picture post. Plus, I took some pictures on my walk, including one of an airplane I quite like, but in the interest of time and applying the discipline needed to scale back, I ignored those pictures altogether.

Still, airplanes will continue to appear on this blog. When we go to Hawaii, for Rex and Cortney's wedding, I am certain I will do a full-blown picture story, just like old times.

Then one day, I will master it all. I will have all the funds I need. Then I can make this blog what I want it to be.

Such is the dream.

Reader Comments (1)

Thank you BIll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Don't know what I would do if those boys weren't here! And Kitties too! Have a good trip to Utah! Wish I could go to Hawaii with you. I love weddings in Hawaii. That is why we went there the first time. It was beautiful. I feel so much better now. Boys and trains and puddles, oh boy!! :-)

January 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMrs Gunka

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