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In full Halloween splendor, Emily pours coffee; cowboy brothers walk through the door; the wind blows the snow away






Yes, I went to Abby's for breakfast again today and found waitress Emily, daughter of Abby, fully dressed in the Halloween spirit. A couple of summers ago, I was pedalling my bike down Sunrise when a very excited Emily pulled up in her car, stopped, and showed me the new camera she bought. She said she did it, because of what she saw me doing on my blog every day.

Today, she told me she now has a paying photography job. She is a big fan of the Tuesday night fights and so is photographing the fights for the fight hosts. Sadly, she no longer has a camera, but the fight folks are providing her with one. I asked her how much they are paying. I'm not going to share the figure here, but they need to pay her more.

I've got to go photograph those fights sometime myself. I will blog about them. Nobody will pay me anything. I don't know when I will do it. I plan to be in Anaktuvuk Pass this coming Tuesday, so I can't do it then, but sometime.

No hurry - Emily's got the fights covered.








I had barely begun to drink my coffee when cowboy brothers Tim and Barney walked in. I practiced my quick-draw skills and got them both with one shot.

On a chilly day last week, I reminisced about the Halloweens we used to have around here before global warming set in the way it has - the Halloweens during which I sometimes took my children trick-or-treating in sub-zero (below -18 C) weather.

Given how chilly that near-zero day was, I wondered if we might have a sub-zero Halloween this year.

It is Halloween and it is not sub-zero. It is 18 degrees (-8 C) - but how the wind does blow! So much so, that it swept most of yesterday's light snow right off Little Lake. 

And it scoured the snow right off the roads - except where car tires had packed it down. Due to the wind, I almost did not take my walk today - but then I couldn't stand the atrophy, so I did. 

I put on one extra sweatshirt beneath my light jacket and I was okay.

Reader Comments (3)

great that she gets to follow her passiion, who knows where it will lead

November 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commentertwain12

I noticed you usually walk the streets around Seldon. Have you ever thought about getting some photos by walking other areas? Reflection Lake is at the Knik River Exit and has an easy 1 mile loop with some good scenery. Here's a post of some photos I took there the other day: http://www.akstafford.blogspot.com/2012/10/reflection-lake-palmer-hay-flats.html

November 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTodd

Twain - To the extent I am able, I will inform you down the road.

Todd - a good question. One I have thought about a few times. I will address it in tonight's post. Thanks for the link - I enjoyed looking at your pictures of the beauty that surrounds you.

November 1, 2012 | Registered CommenterLogbook - Wasilla - Beyond

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