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Wasilla at 83 degrees, as seen from the car: a teen and his bikini fantasy; the real thing; jet skis and mountains; train, banana split and more

For two days in a row now, the temperature has soared into the 80's. That's right - no typo. TEMPERATURE IN THE 80'S. Above zero. Sometimes, a whole summer can pass by without us breaking 80 degrees, but here it is, still May and we've hit 80 twice already. The warmest I measured was 83 degrees this afternoon. I looked at an online weather report and it said 82.

But I'll bet in some parts of town it got even hotter than 83 (28 C).

Last week, Wasilla Lake was still covered in ice. Now, it is Wasilla Malibu. This kid came hoping to see some hot ladies hanging out on the beach in bikinis. He didn't take any chances, though. Just in case for some reason there weren't any to look at, he made sure all he would have to do is look down.

Just a tiny ways up the road, another kid ran across the street clutching an ice cream cone in his hand.

Anyway, here it is, Wasilla Malibu, as seen through my car window. Except for the final image, all the pictures in this post were taken from my car - part of my quest to document the roaded parts of Alaska just the way one sees them from the road while traveling in a car.

Now I am on the Parks Highway - Wasilla's real main street - driving alongside Wasilla Malibu. I have a technique for doing these pictures. I keep my eyes ahead on the road as I hold my camera in one hand, point it out the window and release a few frames over a second or two. I do not know what images slip through the lens until I look at them later. Sometimes, I miss altogether, just get the ground, the sky, or tree tops. Sometimes the images are slanted. Seeing as how the car is moving, I am holding the camera in one hand and the lens is focusing on whatever it wants, they are seldom ever in sharp focus.

I don't see a net, but it kind of looks like he is playing volleyball. He seems to be having fun.

The guy with the bushy hair clutches a football, too. I know, because in the next frame it is clearly visible. In that frame, he also seems very interested in what the other guy with a football is doing.

I pulled away from the lake onto a side street where there was no traffic, stopped to check out my pictures and saw a pickup truck coming down the road, flying the stars and stripes. 

Then I went to another parking lot, idled for a minute or so and shot these two through the open driver's window.

I again passed by the lake and shot a few blind frames as I looked straight ahead down the road, glancing now and then into my mirror so I would know what the traffic behind me was doing. I then pulled into the parking lot to see what I had got and discovered this - young people enjoying the heat of a rare day in Wasilla.

I figured it was time to leave the lake, drive into downtown Wasilla and see what sights I might find there - there would be no bikinis in the middle of town, I was pretty sure of that.









But there was! Sort of. It was the kid again, walking down the street, living inside his bikini fantasy.

So Wasilla!

That's what my daughters would say. "That's so Wasilla!"

I heard a loud whistle. The train was coming. I hurried back to the Parks Highway. Here came the train! It was racing this pickup truck to Fairbanks. I haven't checked, but maybe it broke 90 up there. In hot weather, Fairbanks is almost always hotter than we are. In cold weather, colder.

I decided to go home and get back to work. On the way, I passed by an accident. It looked pretty minor. Dents and dings and broken glass and plastic, but no blood nor shattered bones.

I finished one rough layout spread, but couldn't handle sitting inside so I headed out in the car again. Here I am, on Seldon. 

Seldon walkers.

It was so hot, I headed to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone, but went all out and bought a banana split instead. Oh, my goooooodness, was it good!

That kid ought to get another t-shirt, put a picture of banana split on it and walk around in it for awhile. It was well after 9:00 now. I decided to go home and get in at least a couple more hours of work.

But with all that ice cream, banana, toppings and excess calories sitting inside me, I figured I had better get some exercise. At 9:30, I rolled my bike out of the garage and pedalled away. Shadow Me showed up and pedalled with me.

I am told it is supposed to cool off tomorrow. This will be good for me as I need to stay inside and work. It will be easier if it is not 80 degrees outside.

Still, I hope we see a few more days in the 80's between now and fall. I would not be surprised if we don't - if yesterday and today turn out to be it for Wasilla's 80 degree weather in the year 2013.

Reader Comments (4)

Well, I guess Boston is about to catch up to Wasilla. We are expecting a heat wave - that's three consecutive days over 90. Oh and humid too. My favorite combination. I'm so grateful to be working in a nice air-conditioned office.

May 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterManxMamma

So Wasilla! That young man has not a bone of embarrassment in his body. All that comes to mind is the possibility that this shirt was the only one clean in his house.


May 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle

Face it: this once a week thing isn't working out for you. I dutifully come back in a week and there we are three more entries.
It's been over 80 degrees here for a couple of months every day and I quite like it and I expect you will get a chance to learn
to like it as well.... Don't forget: climate change is a left wing myth!

May 30, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterconchscooter

I stumbled upon your blog. Simply love it. I was a photographer, but never made any money, www.akfamiklyphoto.com so I sold all my pro equipment, now just out using my cell phone to take photos...
I love your photos, stories, writing.. love it all. Pretty cool.. we may meet some day! I run in the same territory you travel around in and recognize all places you capture... Love to have coffee some time! Thanks for all you do!

June 4, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterakhdrider

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