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The Daily School Bus: Well, it didn't quite happen today

I got a bit into Squarespace 6 but a lot of confusing things happened, beginning with the fact that the instructional video would not play and Squarespace had no idea why. Squarespace did lead me to another very long video recording of an online Squarespace 6 workshop with quite a bit of good information. Before I could apply very much of it, Margie put Lynxton down for a long nap and then took off for a long time to do some shopping but Lynxton woke right back up and I had to care for him for a long time.

Now I must drive Margie and Lynxton to Anchorage. Then Margie and I will go to a movie and I afterward I will drop her off to babysit for the next couple of days and I will come home again.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will get this. I saw enough today to make me believe there are some real advantages in going with Squarespace 6, even beyond my daily phone posts. And I believe the phone post process will truly improve. I sure hope so.

Reader Comments (1)

Hey, Bill, I'm just now catching up to the changeover to version 6 that you talked about the last couple of days. Are ya there yet? Did you make it okay? Helloooo!!!! Come out of that old, dark, miserable tunnel and, hopefully, into the light!!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

December 4, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterElsie

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