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A blurred spaceholder for Master Chef Nephi Craig

In my last entry, I stated that I would post my piece on Master Chef Nephi Craig before I went to bed tonight, but I encountered a little difficulty. On the evening that I spent with Nephi, the kitchen was super busy and the pace extremely fast and while I got the pictures I need to tell the story, there was never a point where I could sit down and do any kind of interview with Nephi, but I wasn't concerned, because I figured I could communicate with him later via internet and telephone.

But the internet is down at the White Mountain Apache Tribe's Sunrise Park Ski Resort where Nephi works and I can't reach him by phone, either. So I will hold off until tomorrow and see if somehow I can find a way to communicate with him.

If I can't, then I will just go ahead and run my picture story without the info I was hoping to get. It will still work. Readers will still get the idea, just minus a few specifics.

In the meantime, here is a very blurry picture of Nephi, right in the middle, framed by two thumbs and wearing dark-rimmed glasses, at work with his all-Apache kitchen staff. This is one of those incidents that I referred to in my last post, when the knob on my camera rubbed against something, probably me as I was switching cameras in a hurry so that I could get this shot, and in the process knocked my shutter speed down to some ridiculously slow speed.

Still, you can see that the kitchen is very busy, fast-paced place. I will attempt to bring it all into better focus tomorrow. For now, I will just state that Nephi has studied the culinary arts in top chef schools all the way from Arizona to Japan and has become highly skilled in the arts of French and Japanese cuisine, among other types of cooking. Even as he did so, he always believed that there was no finer food to be found in this world than the Apache food that he grew up with, along with other Native American foods originating from across the hemisphere - all the way from South America right up here to Alaska.

Now, as a master chef and the head chef at an Apache-owned restaurant, he has set out to prove his case.

More later.

Reader Comments (2)

Nephi Craig has an extremely interesting name for an Apache Chef. The interview should be very interesting when I am awake enough to read it. : )

April 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLouise Midkiff

can't wait...restaurant work is hard work.

April 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commentertwain12

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