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I walk on bubbles and find myself living in a strange and bizarre world

On today's walk, I crossed the upper marsh from the far end to the near end, stepping on bubbles all the way and feeling very frustrated. My flight is at 6:10 tomorrow morning, which means I must leave the house by 4:00 and that means I've got to be up by 3:30 and since I seldom get to sleep before two or three in the morning, it kind of makes going to bed seem pointless.

But that's not what frustrated me the most. I had a number of things I planned to get done before I left again. I got some done, but there was even more I didn't get done.

Something's got to give. Too many things are vying for my time. I think even this blog is going to have to give some - quit a bit, maybe. But I won't stop this blog, no matter how futile it is. You notice I didn't say, "seems." I said, "is." Because truly, this blog is futile. But I like doing it.

I have some more thinking to do.

A little over week ago, we had just a little bit of snow. The snow did not melt. It has been far too cold for that. But for most of last week, as I neglected what was going on around me daily and took this blog back to the first week in October, the wind blew and blew and blew.

It scoured the earth, ripped the snow away and sent it flying to who knows where. Maybe it destroyed the snow; sublimated it, blew the atoms right out of it.

This is the near end of the Upper Marsh. When I reached it today and looked at this house I thought, "what a strange world I live in. What a bizarre world!"

A bit later, Margie and I had lunch at Taco Del Mar, a taco and burrito place decorated in a surfing theme. As we ate and I looked at the faux surfboard and the painting of the girl in the bikini I thought, "if I can survive that long I will work until I am 70, then I will plant myself by two surfing beaches - Yakutak in the summer and some tropical place in the winter. I will surf every day until I die and if I die surfing, that will be just grand!"

Wait! Remember that surf I showed you back in October in Barrow and then in Wainwright? Surf made possible apparently because of a warming climate? Maybe by the time I am 70, my summer surf city can be Barrow or Wainwright.

I can surf with whales and polar bears and wave at Shell Oil workers as they pass by overhead in helicopters, going to and from work. And then I can die, in the Arctic Ocean, surfing as I have dreamed so many times.

Reader Comments (5)

Futile? Really? Perhaps it isn't serving your original purpose for doing the blog, but if it massages your soul can it really be called futile? Is writing ever really futile? I believe it always serves a purpose even if it isn't the one that was intended. Your picture of the bubbles frozen in time is amazing. What a peculiarly beautiful thing to see. I would never have known that without your picture! Are you walking on frozen ice where the bubbles were captured? So, if you had not published that on your blog, I would have totally missed ever seeing that particular magic trick of this world.

November 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWakeUpAmerica

For many of us who are nearly housebound, your blog is like sharing a cup of coffee with a very dear friend. Thank you for sharing your world with us -- even if it's just a few sentences and one of your great photos. You've given me a wonderful gift over the past 4-1/2 years. A gift I didn't expect when I began looking for information about Sarah Palin. Now if we could only get her to fade away..... You've given us a wonderful view of Alaska, and a very different perspective of Wasilla. Thank you again!

November 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNancy

E vremea aceea de iarna care aduce uneori cu ea oboseala trupului. Ieri voiam sa iti scriu ca sunt impresionata ca in zilele acestea exista comunitati in America ce isi duc traditiile mai departe nu in scop propagandistic sau turistic. Si asta am aflat datorita scrierilor tale. De cateva luni de cand am ajuns pe blogul tau intamplator de pe alt blog din Alaska am aflat atat de multe despre sufletul si viata celor care traiesc acolo, incat m-am indragostit de aceasta zona si de oamenii ei mai ales.Engleza mea nu este suficient de buna incat sa ma exprim corect si nuantat, de aceea folosesc limba mea materna. Sunteti grozavi fiecare in parte si toti impreuna. Iar felul cum tu prezinti viata ma face sa fiu increzatoare in viitor: acesti oameni sunt cei pe care trebuie sa ii ai drept model, oameni pentru care nu conteaza aparentele si imaginea, ci viata in sine, cu greul si frumosul ei.

November 26, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterica

Ditto what Nancy said! My feelings exactly!

November 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLinda in Virginia

Thanks for the encouragement WakeUpAmerica, Nancy, Linda and I am not quite sure about ica.

I don't think I stated what I what I meant very well. When I get back to Wasilla, I will try to make a post that explains it better. Right now, I am severely short on sleep and just need to go to bed.

November 26, 2012 | Registered CommenterLogbook - Wasilla - Beyond

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